This Week in Tech

May 12th 2024

This Week in Tech 979


Hosted by Leo Laporte

Solar Storms, Apple and OpenAI, Tesla Layoffs

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Category: News
  • Solar Storm Knocks Out Farmers' Tractor GPS Systems During Peak Planting Season
  • Apple Closes in on Deal With OpenAI to Put ChatGPT on iPhone
  • Apple Will Revamp Siri to Catch Up to Its Chatbot Competitors
  • Google is getting even worse for independent sites
  • Musk Plans More Layoffs as Two Senior Tesla Executives Depart
  • At Tesla, a Wild Week That Defined the Company's Future
  • TikTok Sues US Government Over Potential Ban
  • Telegram vs. Signal
  • Sony reverses unpopular Helldivers 2 decision after blistering player reaction
  • Apple apologizes for 'Crush' iPad Pro ad that sparked controversy

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