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Mar 10th 2024

This Week in Tech 970

Where Does Jazz Come From?

Hosted by Leo Laporte

TikTok Ban, Creepy AI, Practical Fusion

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Category: News

TikTok Ban, Creepy AI, Practical Fusion

  • Why Trump now opposes banning TikTok 
  • Spain tells Sam Altman, Worldcoin to shut down its eyeball-scanning orbs 
  • OpenAI announces new members to the board of directors 
  • OpenAI Responds to Elon Musk's Lawsuit 
  • Palantir wins US Army contract for battlefield AI 
  • Welcome to the Valley of the Creepy AI Dolls 
  • AI Marilyn Monroe Marks Another Step Forward In Extending Celebrity Brand Value Beyond The Grave 
  • The Panel discusses Bluesky and general social media 
  • FDA Clears First Over-the-Counter Continuous Glucose Monitor 
  • Microsoft says Russian hackers stole source code after spying on its executives 
  • Apple hit with €1.8bn fine for breaking EU law over music streaming 
  • MIT Claims Superconducting Breakthrough Means Fusion Power Can Be Practical 
  • “Disgraceful”: Messy ToS update allegedly locks Roku devices until users give in

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