This Week in Tech

Dec 31st 2023

This Week in Tech 960

Best of 2023

Hosted by Leo Laporte

This Week in Tech's Best Moments in 2023

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Category: News

Looking back at some of This Week in Tech's best moments from 2023:

  • Rating Google's AI Music Tool MusicLM
  • What is Plaguing Google?
  • Xerox Alto: 50 Year Later
  • Lessons Learned By the SVB Collapse
  • Is Copyright Good For Authors?
  • What's Your (Microsoft) Copilot?
  • Goodbye, Computer Magazines
  • UK Emergency Alert Test
  • A Look At WiFi Pineapple and Flipper Zero
  • Ten Years Since Snowden's Revelations Were Revealed
  • The Seven Deadly Sins and Tech
  • Blind: Anonymous Workplace Gossip
  • Earthquake!
  • Why Apple Ended Its CSAM-Scanning Tool
  • Meta's Uncanny New AI Avatars
  • MIke Elgan's Meta Ray-Ban Smartglasses

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