This Week in Tech

Dec 10th 2023

This Week in Tech 957

Put It In a Red Envelope

Hosted by Leo Laporte

EU AI Act, 23andMe Hack, Woke Grok

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Category: News

EU AI Act, 23andMe Hack, Woke Grok

  • Financial Difficulties and Layoffs at Twit 
  • AI's Potential and Misleading Demonstrations
  • Regulating Artificial Intelligence and Self-Driving Vehicles 
  • Debate on AI Augmentation and Regulation 
  • Beeper's Impersonation of Apple's Server' 
  • Privacy Risks and Public Benefits 
  • Technology Misuse, Cameo Scandal, Criticism 
  • AI, Grock, and Free Money Impact 
  • The Potential of AI in Advertising 
  • Memories of 1000 Van Ness Theater 
  • Discussion on Podcasts and Potluck Etiquette

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