This Week in Tech

Nov 26th 2023

This Week in Tech 955

Marmite or Nothing

Hosted by Iain Thomson

Altman returns to OpenAI, X sues Media Matters, Church of AI, Manifest V3

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Category: News
  •  Sam Altman returns as CEO after staff threatened mass resignation
  •  Microsoft's role and attempts to hire OpenAI staff
  •  Concerns over OpenAI's technology and capabilities
  •  Speculation over what caused the OpenAI board member revolt
  •  Impact and future of OpenAI as a non-profit and for-profit entity
  •  Musk sues Twitter shareholders, sued over ads next to hate speech
  •  Musk's behavior on Twitter concerning hate speech and anti-Semitism
  •  Truth Social finances and Trump lawsuit against media companies reporting losses
  •  EU regulations and lawsuits against tech giants over gatekeeping and anti-competitive behavior
  •  Tesla lawsuits over false Autopilot and battery claims
  •  Gay furry hackers steal Idaho National Lab nuclear secrets
  •  Levandosky launches Church of AI organization
  •  Video game addiction lawsuits
  •  Google to restrict ad blockers in Manifest V3 update
  •  Advertiser boycotts of Twitter
  •  Surveillance and the Hemisphere spying scheme

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