This Week in Tech

Sep 17th 2023

This Week in Tech 945

The iPhone in the Freezer

Hosted by Leo Laporte

New Apple iPhone 15 Announced, Google Antitrust Trial

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Category: News

New Apple iPhone 15 Announced, Google Antitrust Trial

  •  iPhone 15 event: all the news on Apple’s new phone
  •  Apple iPhone 15 hands-on: New features left me with no Pro model envy at all
  •  The WeWork Guy is Pivoting to Carbon Credits
  •  Flowcarbon
  •  Book Review: ‘Elon Musk,’ by Walter Isaacson - The New York Times
  •  DOJ’s Latest Case Against Google Is Intricate But Important
  •  This Is the True Scale of New York’s Airbnb Apocalypse
  •  Unity rushes to clarify price increase plan, as game developers fume
  •  Apple disputes French findings, says iPhone 12 meets radiation rules
  •  Apple says will issue software update to iPhone12 in France
  •  Save the Children hit by ransomware, 7TB stolen
  •  California passes right-to-repair act guaranteeing seven years of parts for your phone

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