This Week in Tech

Sep 3rd 2023

This Week in Tech 943

You’re the Xenu I Want

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Adult site verification, right to repair vs Scientology, NFT hype

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Category: News
  • Thousands stuck in mud at Burning Man festival
  • Australia and Texas overturn laws requiring age verification for adult websites
  • Right to repair advocates score victory in California with Apple now supporting it
  • NFT sales and prices plummeting showing the downfall of the once-hyped digital assets
  • Twitter to lift ban on political ads ahead of 2024 election
  • Social media companies failing to curb Russian propaganda says EU report
  • Arkansas law requiring parental consent for minors' social media accounts blocked by judge
  • Congress working on protecting minors on social media but raises privacy concerns
  • Barbie film leaks online ahead of official release showing persistence of piracy
  • NFL, NBA, UFC want faster DMCA takedowns to combat live streaming of games
  • Gannett admits AI-written local sports stories were "hilariously terrible"
  • Department of Defense launches website for tracking UFOs/UAPs
  • Georgia election interference trial for Trump to be livestreamed on YouTube
  • Google killing Pixel Pass after just 22 months despite promise of ongoing new phones
  • Microsoft retiring WordPad after 28 years
  • Cruise self-driving cars causing problems by blocking emergency vehicles in San Francisco

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