This Week in Tech

Aug 20th 2023

This Week in Tech 941


Hosted by Leo Laporte

Chokepoint Capitalism, America COMPETES Act, Google Topics, Internet Archive

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Category: News

This episode of TWiT explores the implications of artificial intelligence (AI) on creative industries like writing, the monopolistic practices of Big Tech, and the concepts of open-washing and chokepoint capitalism.

  • Cory Doctorow discusses his upcoming appearance in a Futurama episode inspired by his book Chokepoint Capitalism
  • The downsides of Twitter under Elon Musk as an example of chokepoint capitalism unwinding
  • Brewster Kahle and the Internet Archive's copyright disputes over digitized books in its Emergency Library
  • Canada's law requiring Big Tech to pay news publishers, and Meta's ban on news sharing in response
  • The CFPB cracking down on predatory data brokers
  • Google's "topics" proposal for interest-based ads on Chrome and privacy concerns
  • The threats AI poses to creative professions like writing, and the implications of copyright
  • The misleading hype around AI and job loss statistics from companies like IBM
  • The importance of interoperability for technology platforms and digital rights
  • How copyright law views AI-generated art and content
  • The issues around copyrighted content being used to train AI systems by companies like OpenAI
  • The concept of "open washing" and whether companies like OpenAI really embody openness
  • The America COMPETES Act, proposed antitrust legislation targeting Big Tech's ad market power
  • The role of users and tool creators in establishing boundaries on things like advertising
  • Rebecca Giblin's experience publishing out-of-print Australian books as the non-profit publisher Untapped
  • The podcast IP Provocations and its discussions relating to AI and intellectual property

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