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Aug 6th 2023

This Week in Tech 939

The Immortal Cell

Hosted by Leo Laporte

AI in Hollywood, Alphabet antitrust lawsuit, Amazon earnings, Exorcist VR

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Category: News

AI in Hollywood, Alphabet antitrust lawsuit, Amazon earnings, Exorcist VR

  • An Internet Veteran’s Guide to Not Being Scared of Technology.
  • ‘Barbie’ joins $1 billion club, breaks another record for female directors.
  • Movie extras worry they'll be replaced by AI. Hollywood is already doing body scans.
  • Hollywood’s Pain Is YouTube’s Advertising Gain.
  • Meta starts blocking news in Canada over law on paying publishers.
  • Amazon (AMZN) Q2 earnings report 2023.
  • Alphabet's Google (GOOGL) to Face Slimmed-Down Antitrust Lawsuit Over Search.
  • Brave Search Breaks Free Of Bing With Standalone Image Index.
  • Kagi Search - A Premium Search Engine.
  • Apple Services Salvage a Blah Quarter.
  • Claimed superconductor LK-99 is an online sensation — but replication efforts fall short.
  • NASA restores contact with Voyager 2 spacecraft after mistake led to weeks of silence.
  • Fortnite's adding a museum about the Holocaust.
  • Exclusive: Inside Meta’s Horizon Worlds reboot.
  • The Exorcist: Legion VR on Oculus Quest 2.
  • Post Malone Buys Lord Of The Rings Card Worth Over $2 Million.
  • Family of Henrietta Lacks settles lawsuit over use of immortal cell line.
  • U.S. ban on popular lightbulb goes into effect Aug. 1.
  • Is that a TV in your pocket? Rokid is making a TV dongle for its AR glasses.

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