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Jul 2nd 2023

This Week in Tech 934

The Scrollbar is Jiggling

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Twitter self-DDoS, Flipper, Ethernet 50 years old, SCOTUS cyberstalking

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Twitter self-DDoS, Flipper, Ethernet 50 years old, SCOTUS cyberstalking 

  • Twitter bug causes self-DDOS tied to Elon Musk's emergency blocks and rate limits
  •  Apple is a $3 trillion company — again. 
  •  The Reddit app-pocalyse is here: Apollo, Sync, and BaconReader go dark. 
  •  Twitch Star xQc Signs $100 Million Deal With Kick, a Rival Platform. 
  •  Flipper hacking device on track to make $80M worth of sales. 
  •  Padre talks all about the Vatican. 
  •  An update on Canada’s Bill C-18 and our Search and News products. 
  •  Google accused of ripping off advertisers with video ads no one saw. Now, the expert view. 
  •  YouTube tests restricting ad blocker users to 3 video views. 
  •  Twitch adds new paid chat feature to rival YouTube’s Super Chat. 
  •  David Bohrman Dead: Former CNN Executive Was 69. 
  •  Want to feel old? Ethernet just celebrated its 50th birthday. 
  •  UK regulator may refer Adobe's $20 billion Figma deal to deeper probe. 
  •  Supreme Court Rebuffs Apple in Billion-Dollar Caltech Patent Case. 
  •  The FTC wants to put a ban on fake reviews. 
  •  Supreme Court guts protections for cyberstalking victims. 
  •  Supreme Court Rejects Lawsuit Accusing Google of Stealing Millions of Song Lyrics. 
  •  SiriusXM to Shut Down Stitcher Podcast App. 
  •  Pokémon Go Developer Lays Off 230 Employees, Closes LA Studio. 
  •  Goldman Is Looking for a Way Out of Its Partnership With Apple. 
  •  Scoop: TSA to expand facial recognition program to over 400 airports. 
  •  Prigozhin-controlled Russian media group shuts after mutiny. 
  •  UT Mourns Lithium-Ion Battery Inventor and Nobel Prize Recipient John Goodenough. 

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