This Week in Tech

Apr 1st 2007

This Week in Tech 93


Hosted by Leo Laporte
The old gang reunites for a live appearance at the Gear*Media*Tech seminar. Video also available.
Records live every Sunday at 5:15pm Eastern / 2:15pm Pacific / 21:15 UTC.
Category: News

The old gang reunites for a live appearance at the Gear*Media*Tech seminar.

  • Vonage has lost its patent suit with Verizon. Does this mean the eventual downfall of this and other VoIP companies?
  • The ICANN has rejected the .xxx domain registry, and they will not look at the case again.
  • The date of this recording was the anniversary of the first email virus.
  • Apparently, 25 percent of all PCs are infectedto be part of a botnet.
  • Dvorak says Apple should pull the plug on the iPhone because they actually have a lot of competition in the market.
  • The iPhone was pulled out for a few brief moments at CTIA.
  • Will the iPhone launch on June 11? So says an ATT customer service manager.
  • has listed the top 10 Apple products that flopped.
  • Intel unveiled its 45nm processors: Penryn and the next-generation Nehalem.
  • Intel is going to start a fab plant in China.
  • The game Supreme Commander is able to take advantage of multi-core processors.
  • Intel plans for 32nm processors in 2009.
  • Microsoft has unveiled the Xbox 360 Elite, a black model with HDMI and a 120gb drive that is supposedly much quieter as well.
  • Will Sony release an 80gb PS3 SKU?
  • The Blu-Ray version of James Bond: Casino Royale is selling slightly better than the HD-DVD version.
  • Dell now offers Linux on desktops.
  • Apple's Boot Camp now officially supports Windows Vista.
  • Is Apple fighting back against AppleTV hacks?