This Week in Tech

Jan 1st 2023

This Week in Tech 908

Best of 2022

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Highlights from throughout the year

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Category: News

Highlights from throughout the year

  • Remember SECOND LIFE? Its Founder is Back For The METAVERSE! 
  • Neil Young's Spotify Ultimatum. 
  • Fidonet vs. the Internet. 
  • Apple Studio Display Doesn't Cut It. 
  • How To Remove Personally Identifiable Info From Google Search. 
  • Apple Supports FIDO Passkey. 
  • Google's LAMDA AI "Sentient"? 
  • Attorney's iPhone Seized in January 6th Investigation. 
  • Audiophiles Fall For MoFi's Digital Tricks. 
  • Why Did Cable Lose Broadband Market Share? 
  • LastPass hack. 
  • How Do You Really Feel About the Dynamic Island? 

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