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Nov 27th 2022

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Apple chaos in China, Robocall crackdown, NFT nightclubs, Black Friday slump

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Category: News

Apple chaos in China, Robocall crackdown, NFT nightclubs, Black Friday slump

  •  The Top Tech and Tools You Need for Taking Digital Notes.
  •  Ford Mustang Mach-E loses its Consumer Reports recommendation.
  •  Musk will restore Twitter accounts banned for harassment, misinformation.
  •  Twitter new user signups at an ‘all-time high,’ says Elon Musk.
  •  Protests Erupting Across China.
  •  Mass resignations of iPhone workers; report of 30% production hit
  •  China Covid: Protests continue in major cities across the country.
  •  Apple hobbled a crucial tool of dissent in China weeks before widespread protests broke out.
  •  Censorship, Surveillance and Profits: A Hard Bargain for Apple in China.
  •  FCC cuts off a voice provider for failing to protect against robocalls.
  •  New York Imposes 2-Year Moratorium on New Proof-of-Work Mining After Gov. Hochul Signs Bill.
  •  El Salvador’s $300 Million Bitcoin ‘Revolution’ Is Failing Miserably.
  •  Miami nightclub owners are struggling with slumping sales after losing top-spending crypto clientele in wake of FTX implosion and crypto downfall, report says.
  •  Restaurant and private members lounge to be built controversially in San Francisco's 'public' Salesforce Park.
  •  Amazon Alexa is a “colossal failure,” on pace to lose $10 billion this year.
  •  Callisto - Lockheed Martin.
  •  Black Friday Lured Shoppers Back, in Early Test for Holiday Spending.
  •  The Best Cyber Monday Deals 2022: Laptops, Robot Vacuums, AirPods, More.
  •  French man wins right to not be ‘fun’ at work in wrongful termination case.

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