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Oct 16th 2022

This Week in Tech 897

Headphones For Your Eyes

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Future of Microsoft Office, Legs in VR, NVIDIA RTX 4090, Project Starline

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Category: News

Future of Microsoft Office, Legs in VR, NVIDIA RTX 4090, Project Starline

  •  Peach Only SMA 11:04 Brianna Wu.
  •  Meta Meets Microsoft – Stratechery by Ben Thompson.
  •  Microsoft (MSFT) US Army HoloLens Goggles Gave Soldiers Nausea, Headaches.
  • Is this a technology that anybody really wants?
  •  @warren_craddock: I've worked on a number of high-profile failures. They all had a fatal flaw. Everyone saw the flaw. But the culture that arose in these teams purposefully ignored the flaw.
  •  Lenovo’s new Glasses T1 are the coolest PC accessory I’ve seen that just makes sense.
  •  Google’s Project Starline is the real deal.
  •  Meta's Virtual Reality Legs Video Was A Lie, Used Some Mocap.
  •  Even After $100 Billion, Self-Driving Cars Are Going Nowhere.
  •  Microsoft brings DALL-E 2 to the masses with Designer and Image Creator.
  •  Steve Jobs AI features in spooky 'interview' with Joe Rogan AI.
  •  Synthetic Media Startup D-ID Launches Image-to-Video Platform.
  •  NVIDIA RTX 4090 review: Unholy power.
  •  American Executives in Limbo at Chinese Chip Companies After U.S. Ban.
  •  GiveDirectly: Send money to people living in poverty.
  •  Vault by CNN shutdown results in “rug pull” accusations from NFT buyers.
  •  Mac shipments shoot up a whopping 40%.
  •  When Is Apple Launching the M2 iPad Pro and M2 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro?
  •  Musk Will Have Absolute Control Over Twitter, Documents Show.
  •  Elon Musk is now selling perfume that smells like burning hair.
  •  Elon Musk tweets on Starlink: 'We’ll just keep funding Ukraine govt for free'.
  •  Netflix Basic with Ads streaming launches in November.
  •  Alex Jones Says Brianna Wu Defamed Him in a Tweet.

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