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Jul 17th 2022

This Week in Tech 884

Not Tested With Normal People

Hosted by Devindra Hardawar

James Webb pics, Ev Williams steps down, MacBook Air M2 review

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Category: News

James Webb pics, Ev Williams steps down, MacBook Air M2 review

  •  First James Webb Space Telescope pics give us our deepest look into space yet.
  •  Musk Seeks to Block ‘Warp Speed’ Twitter Trial Over $44 Billion Deal.
  •  What would a post-Twitter world look like?
  •  Evan Williams Is Stepping Down as C.E.O. of Medium.
  •  Nearly half of Gen Z is using TikTok and Instagram for search instead of Google, according to Google's own data.
  •  Kids and teens now spend more time watching TikTok than YouTube, new data shows.
  •  TikTok to roll out content filters and maturity ratings in pledge to make app safer.
  •  The Uber whistleblower: I’m exposing a system that sold people a lie.
  •  Uber Faces Lawsuit by Women for Sexual Assault Claims.
  •  MacBook Air M2 is here, and it's spectacular.
  •  macOS Ventura preview: Stage Manager is the star of the show.
  •  Apple Ends Consulting Agreement With Jony Ive, Its Former Design Leader.
  •  Hands-On with Tilt Five Production AR Glasses!
  •  Magic Leap 2 will go on sale in the US on September 30th.
  •  Hands-On with Mojo Augmented Reality Contact Lens!
  • FCC proposes new US broadband standard of 100Mbps down/20Mbps up.

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