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Jul 10th 2022

This Week in Tech 883

More Data Than Sense

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Musk bails on Twitter, Europe's big data laws, China's big data hack

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Category: News

Musk bails on Twitter, Europe's big data laws, China's big data hack

  •  Elon Musk tries to walk away from the Twitter deal.
  •  Twitter will sue Elon Musk for calling off his $44 billion takeover.
  •  Elon's out, and his bid to buy Twitter was likely a joke.
  •  When Elon Musk dreams, his employees have nightmares.
  •  Report: Tesla Factory Workers Are in Danger Because Elon Musk Hates the Color Yellow.
  •  How Elon’s bizarre Twitter takeover saga could have just been a cover for him to sell $8.5 billion in Tesla stock.
  •  Europe's Big Tech Law Is Approved. Now Comes the Hard Part.
  •  Biden order fortifies data privacy ahead of state-by-state legal battle over abortion.
  • Hacker claims to have stolen 1 bln records of Chinese citizens from police.
  •  What the Heck Is a ‘Super App’ and Why Are Elon Musk, Evan Spiegel, and Jack Dorsey Interested?
  •  Web3 projects have lost more than $2 billion to hacks this year.
  •  Why This Computer Scientist Says All Cryptocurrency Should “Die in a Fire”.
  •  Starlink on your yacht, so hot.
  •  Apple’s Mac Studio shows the power of its M1 chips, but isn’t priced for mere mortals.
  •  The fate of Apple and Sunday Ticket to be determined by fall, says NFL commissioner.
  •  Apple's New Lockdown Mode for iPhone Fights Hacking, Spyware.
  •  Why the Soviet Union wanted to nuke this hot dog stand.
  •  NASA will unveil the James Webb Space Telescope's 1st science photos this week. Here's how to watch.
  •  The machine behind the ‘God particle’ is on the hunt for dark matter.

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