This Week in Tech

Feb 20th 2022

This Week in Tech 863

An API For Truth

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Android Privacy Sandbox, Truth Social, Cyber Warfare, NUDGE Act

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Category: News

Android Privacy Sandbox, Truth Social, Cyber Warfare, NUDGE Act

  •  The Genesis Machine by Amy Webb.
  •  The Privacy Sandbox on Android.
  •  Meta's Horizon metaverse already has 10x more users since 2022 began.
  •  Microsoft claims HoloLens is ‘doing great’ after reports version 3 was canceled.
  •  Meta’s Clegg Promoted as Zuckerberg Steps Back From Policy.
  •  New algorithm bill could force Facebook to change how the news feed works.
  •  QAnon founder may have been identified thanks to machine learning.
  •  Trump’s social network will reportedly launch on Monday.
  •  Melania Trump’s Auction of Hat Hit by Plunge in Cryptocurrency.
  •  Meet the ‘Crocodile of Wall Street’ rapper accused of laundering billions of dollars in crypto.
  •  OpenSea Investigating ‘Exploit Rumors’ as Users Complain of Missing NFTs.
  •  Spotify Buys Podcast Analytics Firms Podsights and Chartable.
  •  Spotify Bet Big on Joe Rogan. It Got More Than It Counted On.
  •  You’ll need a Microsoft account to set up future versions of Windows 11 Pro.
  •  Crypto apps soar in popularity after the Super Bowl splurge.
  •  What might cyberwarfare look like?
  •  US officials prep big banks and utilities for potential Russian cyberattacks as the Ukraine crisis deepens.
  •  New York Amazon Workers to Vote on Union in March.
  •  Mapping Playboy's Digital Reinvention, Where NFTs Are the Magazine and the Metaverse Is the Mansion.
  •  YouTube's Content ID System Flags, Demonetizes Video Of Cat Purring.

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