This Week in Tech

Jan 29th 2007

This Week in Tech 86

Web Celebs

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Wikipedia woes, Forbes' Web Celebs, and classroom porn storms...
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Category: News

Wikipedia woes, Forbes' Web Celebs, and classroom porn storms...

  • Microsoft offered to pay an Australian blogger to change some articles on Wikipedia.
  • There is a list of people who have been on TWiT and what episode numbers they have taken part in.
  • Citizendium is an experimental new wiki project that will add a little "gentle expert oversight."
  • The AACS licensing authority assured that the encryption was intact, but the keys used to unlock movies have been stolen.
  • The government of Sealand has not been responding to emails, so The Pirate Bay has gone to a Plan B.
  • A Chinese test missile obliterated a satellite.
  • DL.TV viewers report that Netflix's streaming movie system is quite a pleasant experience.
  • Patrick and Dvorak both want Joost invites.
  • Leo is #17 on Forbes' list of web celebs.
  • Vint Cerf says that one quarter of all computers are part of a botnet.
  • A hacker has nabbed €800,000 from an online Swedish bank.
  • Use the Zarate Labs password generator.
  • Bill Gates is going to appear on the Daily Show for the Vista launch.
  • A substitute teacher faces up to 40 years in prison due to a "porn storm" that popped up on the computer.
  • Windows Vista launches on Tuesday, January 30.
  • Vivid is bringing the first porn title to Blu-Ray.
  • iTunes is now illegal in Norway.
  • Leo's radio show has been syndicated by Premiere Radio Networks.