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Dec 19th 2021

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Log4j vulnerability, YouTube and Disney make up, Tardigrades, Anti-5G necklace

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Log4j vulnerability, YouTube and Disney make up, Tardigrades, Anti-5G necklace

  • Hackers start pushing malware in worldwide Log4Shell attacks.
  • The Next Wave of Log4J Attacks Will Be Brutal.
  • The Numbers Behind Log4j Vulnerability CVE-2021-44228.
  • YouTube TV Reaches Deal To Bring Back Disney-Owned Channels Including ESPN, Disney Channel, & ABC.
  • Oh Doctah's thoughts on the Great Resignation.
  • Reddit Announces Confidential Submission of Draft Registration Statement Related to Proposed Public Offering.
  • BuzzFeed Suffers Wave of SPAC Investor Withdrawals Before Going Public.
  • Elon Musk: Person of the Year 2021.
  • EV tax credits: Manchin a no on Build Back Better bill, putting $12,500 incentive in doubt.
  • Record-Breaking Eight Mobile Games Surpass $1 Billion in Global Player Spending During 2021.
  • Apple releases Swift Playgrounds 4 with support for app development on iPad.
  • Toyota Made Its Key Fob Remote Start Into a Subscription Service.
  • Dog helps his human move tires and figures out how to carry four tires in one bite.
  • TikTok says it’s removing ‘alarmist warnings’ about school violence.
  • I'm getting this PAGASA message on my AOD and lockscreen.
  • Meta says nearly 50,000 journalists and activists were targeted by sophisticated spying operations on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Melania Trump emerges to launch new NFT platform meant to ‘inspire’ — and earn cash.
  • RadioShack Announces Ambitious New Cryptocurrency Exchange: RadioShack Defi.
  • Homeland Security launches 'Hack DHS' bug bounty program.
  • Biden will sign an executive order to move government services online.
  • Anti-5G necklaces found to be radioactive.
  • Tardigrade is first multicellular organism to be quantum entangled.

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