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Jan 21st 2007

This Week in Tech 85

The Podfather

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Adam and Patrick joust over Joost, Pirate Bay tries to buy a nation, and Steve Ballmer giggles nervously...
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Category: News

Adam and Patrick joust over Joost and Pirate Bay tries to buy a nation, while Steve Ballmer giggles nervously...

  • The Pirate Bay plans to buy Sealand.
  • All of MP3 seems to still be alive and well.
  • Sign a petition to allow Virgin Atlantic to run out of America and take a tour of their new airplanes: Let VA Fly.
  • Netflix has begun streaming movies.
  • There are quite a few songs that are prohibit wireless sharing.
  • There are pink zunes floating around that are going on sale on eBay.
  • Apple's profit has risen 78%.
  • Walt Mossberg has said that Vista is the best version of Windows yet, but is still largely unexciting.
  • A French player has reached level seventy in World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade in 28 hours.
  • Watch the user's process to get to level 70.
  • Apple has included 802.11n chips in the new Core 2 Duo machines, but to receive the patch upgrade, they will have to charge you $1.99 for accounting purposes.
  • AT&T conceded some topics regarding their viewpoint of net neutrality.
  • Net neutrality is back in the new Congress.
  • Record companies and congress have taken on satellite radio.
  • Apple has called the Cisco iPhone lawsuit "silly."
  • Microsoft's CEO Ballmer has ridiculed the iPhone.
  • The on screen keyboard on the Nokia N800 has been growing on Adam.
  • Former Ziff Davis executive Natlie del Conte will start a new podcast on Podshow called Tech Check.
  • Watch full screen p2p IPTV content on Joost.
  • Ziff Davis has sold EGM and 1up.