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Jan 14th 2007

This Week in Tech 84

Hahn, I'm Home!

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Our CES post-mortem...

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Our CES post-mortem

  • None of the CES announcements could overshadow the iPhone.
  • Bill Gates will be presenting the Microsoft keynote in 2008.
  • LG introduced its HD-DVD and Blu-Ray combo player.
  • Warner Bros made a dual-format disc.
  • The porn industry has chosen HD-DVD.
  • Vista will be crippled by content protection.
  • The Apple TV supports HD, but the only iTunes content available is 480p.
  • The UK's Tube now costs £4.
  • Sharp introduced a 108-inch television at CES.
  • A lawsuit may delay the production of SED-TVs.
  • Sharp now has 120Hz televisions.
  • Robert Heron just bought a 46" Sharp Aquos.
  • Sony demoed a 27-inch OLED television.
  • At Macworld, the iPhones were inside of bell jars.
  • Microsoft and Ford confirmed a deal.
  • The SlingCatcher takes your media off the Internet to your TV.
  • The Mogo Mouse is a small mouse that will fit in a laptop's PC card slot.
  • The Pirate Bay is trying to buy an island to prevent lawsuits against them. Donate to become a citizen!
  • Check out InDigital to find the results of their home theater showdown.