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Sep 5th 2021

This Week in Tech 839

A Faster Horse

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Apple's CSAM reversal, Big Tech pushback in Texas, a spying Lightning cable

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Category: News

Apple's CSAM reversal, Big Tech pushback in Texas, a spying Lightning cable

  • Apple delays rollout of CSAM detection system and child safety features. 
  • Benefits of Apple’s Image Abuse Scanning Outweigh Risks. 
  • Apple keeps shutting down employee-run surveys on pay equity. 
  • Google, Apple Hit by First Law Threatening Dominance Over App-Store Payments. 
  • Report suggests that an 'ad' for Microsoft Teams may have broken the Windows 11 desktop and taskbar. 
  • Broadcasters Score Big Legal Win Against App Streaming Network TV. 
  • Apple Plans to Add Satellite Features to iPhones for Emergencies. 
  • The Texas abortion ban could force tech to snitch on users. 
  • Lyft, Uber will cover legal fees for drivers sued under Texas abortion law. 
  • TikTok Users and Coders Flood Texas Abortion Site With Fake Tips. 
  • Senior’s Guide to TikTok. 
  • China Slashes Kids’ Gaming Time to Just Three Hours a Week. 
  • Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro Launching October 28th. 
  • Google Delays Return to Office to 2022 on Covid Surge. 
  • Facebook’s WhatsApp Fined Around $270 Million for EU Privacy Violations. 
  • Twitter launches Super Follows on iOS. 
  • This Seemingly Normal Lightning Cable Will Leak Everything You Type. 
  • US govt warns orgs to patch massively exploited Confluence bug. 
  • Qualcomm debuts lossless Bluetooth audio streaming with aptX Lossless. 
  • Amazon is close to launching its own TV in the US. 
  • Apple acquires classical music streaming service Primephonic. 
  • House Committee Investigating January 6th Capitol Invasion Goes On Social Media Fishing Expedition. 
  • House Republicans wrote a letter to Yahoo 'Chief Executive Officer' Marissa Mayer, but she hasn't been CEO since 2017
  • AI Machines Can't Not Be Granted Patents on Inventions: Judge. 

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