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Jul 11th 2021

This Week in Tech 831

Do You Even Rocket, Bro?

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Branson in Space, Amazon, Kaseya Hack
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Category: News

Branson in Space, Amazon, Kaseya Hack

  •  GitHub Copilot · Your AI pair programmer
  •  AI voice actors sound more human than ever—and are ready to hire
  •  Trump Sues Facebook, Twitter & YouTube, Claiming His Own Government Violated The Constitution
  •  Larry Magid: Trump's misguided social media lawsuit (mercurynews.com)
  •  Hello! You've Been Referred Here Because You're Wrong About Section 230 Of The Communications Decency Act
  •  Richard Branson and Crew React To Space Flight
  •  Blue Origin Tweets about "Space" Travel
  •  FTC Opens Probe of Amazon’s MGM Purchase, Signaling a Lengthy Inquiry
  •  Apple has reportedly requested streaming rights for NFL Sunday Ticket games
  •  The First Camera Phone and photo by Phillipe Kahn
  •  Kaseya Failed to Address Security Before Hack, Ex-Employees Say
  •  Microsoft Teams is bringing back Clippy and all your old favorites
  •  The Yahoo! Brand Is Still Worth $1.6 Billion to Masayoshi Son
  •  Microsoft Teams is bringing back Clippy and all your old favorites
  •  Meet the Switch Pro: $350 “OLED Model” launches on October 8
  •  Pentagon cancels $10 billion JEDI cloud contract
  •  Pokémon GO Catches $5 Billion in Lifetime Revenue in Five Years
  •  Zuck's flag-waving

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