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Jan 7th 2007

This Week in Tech 83


Hosted by Leo Laporte
Our CES and Macworld preview...
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Category: News

Our CES and Macworld preview...

  • Peter Gutmann has written an analysis of the total cost of the Vista content protection.
  • A user named muslix64 has cracked HD-DVD.
  • LG will announce a dual-format (HD-DVD and Blu-Ray) player. Leo believes this news enough to cancel his HD-DVD player order!
  • Dvorak has posted an article on Marketwatch berating CES.
  • Macworld will be in two expo halls this year.
  • Apple may announce a partnership between them and Netflix for the iTV.
  • At CES, there will be products using HD-PLC, a networking over power line technology that has a throughput of 190mbps.
  • The speculation is that the iTV will have 802.11n wireless networking.
  • Kevin wants one of the wireless charging mats.
  • SED HDTVs seem to be vaporware for now.
  • Leo likes the Sony SXRD televisions.
  • Beginning February, Vizio will begin shipping 60-inch plasma for a "mere" $2999.
  • Time Warner has announced a dual-format disc called Total HD.
  • Hitachi has announced a 1-terabyte hard disk for $399.
  • Prager bought a Garmin Nuvi 680 which gets information from MSN Direct.
  • According to Wikipedia, the company is incorporated in George Town, Cayman Islands.
  • Phil Torrone has started a laser etching service that is open-source: Adafruit.
  • Watch Kevin's MacBook get laser etched.
  • Watch Leah Culver get her Macbook Pro etched with advertisers.
  • Windows Vista Sideshow runs little widgets on a screen on the lid of a laptop.
  • Asus has launched one of the first Sideshow laptops, the W5Fe.
  • Time Magazine has named TWiT one of the top 10 podcasts of the year!