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May 30th 2021

This Week in Tech 825

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Hosted by Leo Laporte
Rideshare surges, Ford F-150 Lightning, Amazon antitrust
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Category: News

Rideshare surges, Ford F-150 Lightning, Amazon antitrust 

  • Amazon to acquire MGM Studios for $8.5 billion
  •  Uber and Lyft Surges: What to Know
  •  McDonald's in Illinois Offering Free iPhones to New Recruits
  •  Amazon Introduces Tiny ‘ZenBooths’ for Stressed-Out Warehouse Workers
  •  Amazon sued by DC attorney general on antitrust grounds
  •  Amazon devices will soon automatically share your Internet with neighbors
  •  Helium Networking
  •  Paris's article: More State AGs Considering Antitrust Action Against Amazon
  •  Google employees admit in a lawsuit that the company made it nearly impossible for users to keep their location private
  •  GCHQ’s mass data interception violated the right to privacy, court rules
  •  Florida’s New Pro-Disney, Anti-Facebook, and Twitter Law
  •  Twitter Confirms Plans for 'Twitter Blue' $2.99 Monthly Subscription Service
  •  2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Gets Ready For Work
  •  Ford Targets Real (Not Cyber) Truck Users With Its Electric F-150 Lightning, Priced From $40,000
  •  SolarWinds Hackers Launching New Attacks, Microsoft Warns
  •  ‘Charlie Bit My Finger’ sold as an NFT, could vanish from YouTube forever
  •  Feeling blue: drug dealer’s ‘love of stilton’ leads to his arrest | Cheese | The Guardian
  •  Apple Delaying Podcasts Subscriptions until June, Promises Improvements to the Podcasts App
  •  Amazon ad revenue now twice as big as Snap, Twitter, Roku, and Pinterest combined

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