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May 9th 2021

This Week in Tech 822

Five Pounds of Mortadella

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Facebook Oversight Board, Google vs. Roku, Epic vs. Apple, Musk on SNL

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Category: News

Facebook Oversight Board, Google vs. Roku, Epic vs. Apple, Musk on SNL

  •  SNL and Elon Musk: Dogecoin takes center stage.
  •  What's wrong with Doge?
  •  ‘Tiger King’ star Carole Baskin explains why she’s releasing a ‘purr-ency’ crypto coin.
  •  Oversight Board upholds former President Trump’s suspension, finds Facebook failed to impose a proper penalty.
  •  Twitter account sharing posts from Trump's new blog is already banned.
  •  Fortnite made more than $9 billion in revenue in its first two years.
  •  Apple’s App Store Had 78% Margin in 2019, Epic Expert Says.
  •  App Store review process has over 500 human experts; less than 1% of rejections are appealed.
  •  Emails reveal 128 million iOS users were affected by ‘XcodeGhost’ malware.
  •  96% of US users opt-out of app tracking in iOS 14.5, analytics find.
  •  Signal Tries to Run the Most Honest Facebook Ad Campaign Ever, Immediately Gets Banned.
  •  Google goes nuclear against Roku by adding YouTube TV to the main YouTube app.
  •  Google Wants to Make Everyone Use Two Factor Authentication.
  • Introducing Tip Jar.
  • Twitter is buying Scroll, the subscription service that removes ads from news sites.
  • IBM Creates First 2nm Chip.
  • What a Crossword AI Reveals About Humans' Way With Words.
  • Digging in the dust of AOL and Yahoo's lost internet empires.
  • Biggest ISPs paid for 8.5 million fake FCC comments opposing net neutrality.
  • Study Finds No Link Between Time Teens’ Spend On Tech Devices And Mental Health Problems.
  • Noah Bought $2,619 Worth of SpongeBob Popsicles.

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