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Apr 18th 2021

This Week in Tech 819

Introducing Club TWiT

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Apple's Spring event, Jeff Bezos letter to shareholders, Elon Musk and NASA

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Apple's Spring event, Jeff Bezos letter to shareholders, Elon Musk and NASA

  • Introducing Club TWiT.
  • Apple's 'Spring Loaded' Event Officially Announced for Tuesday, April 20.
  • Apple Music Reveals How Much It Pays When You Stream a Song.
  • Why It’s Misleading to Say ‘Apple Music Pays Twice as Much Per Stream as Spotify’.
  • Google subsidiary moved $75bn in profits through Ireland in 2019 using "double-Irish".
  • Google ‘partially’ misled consumers over collecting location data, Australian court finds.
  • Nobody is flying to join Google’s FLoC.
  • Jeff Bezos says Amazon needs to do a better job for employees in his final shareholder letter as CEO.
  • SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket to deliver an Astrobotic lander and NASA water-hunting rover to the moon in 2023.
  • Two people killed in fiery Tesla crash with no one driving.
  • Should We Trust The Facebook Oversight Board?
  • Facebook oversight board delays decision on Trump ban to 'the coming weeks'.
  • Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings series to cost $465 million for first season.
  • Google Earth’s historical 3D time lapses show the ravages of climate change.
  • Microsoft announces Surface Laptop 4 with choice of Intel or AMD processors.
  • You ever think about how Asus put out like 40 models of a laptop called the “Eee PC”.
  • Dogecoin spikes 400% in a week, stoking fears of a cryptocurrency bubble.
  • Intel, Nvidia, TSMC execs agree: Chip shortage could last into 2023.
  • NASA to Attempt First Controlled Flight on Mars As Soon As Monday.
  • NYPD Deploys "Creepy" New Robot Dog In Manhattan Public Housing Complex.
  • Adobe co-founder Chuck Geschke dies at 81.

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