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Feb 7th 2021

This Week in Tech 809

I'm Only 10 Minutes Away

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Clubhouse, a Kia + Apple car, Section 230
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Category: News

Clubhouse, a Kia + Apple car, Section 230

  •  Clubhouse's moment arrives
  •  Elon Musk busts Clubhouse limit, fans stream to YouTube, he switches to interviewing Robinhood CEO
  •  Jeff Bezos stepping down as Amazon CEO
  •  Amazon To Pay $61.7 Million to Settle FTC Charges It Withheld Some Customer Tips from Amazon Flex Drivers
  •  The Relentless Jeff Bezos
  •  Digitization and the Demand for Physical Works: Evidence from the Google Books Project
  •  Google Stadia Shuts Down Internal Studios, Changing Business Focus
  •  Amazon’s Next CEO Says He’s Committed to Making Video Games
  •  New Apple Mixed-Reality Headset Details: Swappable Headbands, Eye-Tracking
  •  Apple to Invest $3.6 Billion in Kia Motors for Apple Car Production
  •  Ford and Google sign six-year deal for in-car connectivity and cloud services
  •  Morgan Stanley Sees Ford Reaping $5 Billion From Google Deal
  •  Ford says ‘millions’ of its vehicles will run on Google’s Android starting in 2023
  •  As Google eyes Australia exit, Microsoft talks Bing with PM
  •  Now It's The Democrats Turn To Destroy The Open Internet: Mark Warner's 230 Reform Bill Is A Dumpster Fire Of Cluelessness
  •  Jeff Jarvis's open letter video to Joe Scarborough explaining Section 230
  •  Nevada bill would allow tech companies to create governments
  •  23andMe Goes Public as $3.5 Billion Company With Branson Aid

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