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Oct 25th 2020

This Week in Tech 794

Pulmonary Gold Disease

Hosted by Leo Laporte
AOC Streams Among US, iPhone Reviews, RIP Quibi
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Category: News

AOC Streams Among US, iPhone Reviews, RIP Quibi

  • Politicians go gamer: AOC streams Among Us, Biden's Animal Crossing Island
  • How campaigning on social media is changing
  • Did social media break democracy?
  • Bot orders $18,752 of McFlurrys every minute
  • iPhone 12 reviews are in - the flat edges are cool, 5G is not.
  • Quibi fails after only 6 months
  • Google Stadia developer says streamers should be paying game developers for the right to stream their games
  • DOJ sues Google over antitrust
  • Jack Dorsey and Mark Zuckerberg will testify before Senate Judiciary Committee on November 17th
  • The US government goes after Section 230
  • Judge says the US government can't ban WeChat
  • Edward Snowden gets permanent residence in Russia
  • RIAA takes down 18 GitHub projects for downloading YouTube videos
  • Adobe Max introduces controversial AI filters
  • iPhone 12 - are you skipping this year?
  • Xbox Series x or Playstation 5?
  • The coolest electric cars

*Correction*: Adobe does not sanction the "Make Her Smile" video. Attributing this video to Adobe was an error on TWiT's part.

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