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Sep 27th 2020

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TikTok Ban, Amazon Drone Camera, Pixel 5

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Category: News

TikTok Ban, Amazon Drone Camera, Pixel 5

  • Galaxy Z Fold 2 Review
  • Is TikTok banned yet?
  • The Palantir IPO is coming up. Should you invest?
  • Amazon Sidewalk is a terrifying sci-fi security network
  • Amazon's new Ring security cam flies around your house and lets you know if you left your stove on
  • Google Pixel 5 preview - We already know everything about it, except the price. Will it be an inexpensive premium phone?
  • 5G is still BS. When will that change?
  • Epic Games, Spotify, and Tile form a Rebel Alliance to fight Apple. Europe and Facebook are fighting them too. When will Apple come around?
  • Streaming gaming is the future. Physical media will die. Get over it.
  • Microsoft buys Bethesda for $7.5 BILLION dollars
  • GTA is the most valuable media series in the world
  • Quibi is a failure. They are up for sale 6 months after their launch.
  • Republicans hate the Three-Body Problem and want Netflix to drop it.
  • The upcoming Foundation TV series and Dune movie make us want to re-read our childhood favorites. Should we?
  • Rent a goat for your next Zoom call!

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