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Aug 16th 2020

This Week in Tech 784

Karsten Has Pictures

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Fortnite vs Apple, Trump vs. TikTok, US vs. China
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Category: News

Fortnite vs Apple, Trump vs. TikTok, US vs. China

  • Fortnite removed from App Store and Google Play
  •  Apple also kicks Microsoft xCloud off the App Store
  •  At what point does a company become too big? Should we punish billionaires for being successful? Is there any solution?
  • Google demonetizes TechDirt for dangerous or derogatory content- WTF?
  •  Uber and Lyft may leave California due to the gig worker law. What's a freelancer to do?
  •  The Surface Duo is the perfect extension of Microsoft's ethos
  •  Amazon Echo frames are an easy on-ramp to augmented reality - when will we get Apple Glass?
  •  Is conflict with China inevitable?
  •  What the Trump vs TikTok discussion ignores - ByteDance is an AI company, not a social media company.
  •  Is Facebook responsible for conspiracy theories? History says no.
  •  Is TikTok letting China into our bedrooms, or are they already there?
  •  Trump says he might pardon Edward Snowden. Is Snowden a patriot, or a Russian pawn?
  • White House will boost AI and quantum computing research budget by 30%. Good R&D, or cronyism?
  • RIP Russell Kirsch, inventor of the pixel

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