This Week in Tech

May 31st 2020

This Week in Tech 773

The Duchess of Sealand

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Trump vs Twitter, SpaceX, George Floyd Protests

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Category: News
  • Trump vs Twitter, SpaceX, George Floyd Protests
  • Trump vs Twitter: what is Section 230?
  •  Trump vs Twitter: what does Trump's executive order say?
  • Trump vs Twitter: who would be hurt most by Trump's executive order?
  • Trump vs Twitter: who gets to determine "truth"?
  • Trump vs Twitter: France passes a law that platforms must remove illegal content within 24 hours
  • SpaceX launches humans into space from American soil for the first time in 9 years
  • Google postpones Android 11 beta launch due to protests
  • Switzerland's Apple/Google COVID contact tracing app vs France's StopCovid app
  • France offers Twitter a new home if they want to leave America. What country do you think Twitter should move to?
  • Microsoft lays off dozens of journalists, will replace them with AI. Journalist Bill Detwiler desperately defends his fellow humans.
  • US House of Representatives to vote to allow FBI to read your browser history without a warrant
  • HBO Max is one streaming service too many
  • Amazon Look style camera will stop working in July. Denise Howell's Instagram will never be the same
  • Some Good News sells to CBS
  • Pokemon Go Fest this July will be fully virtual
  • Baratunde Thurston, author of "How to be Black" discusses his reaction to the racial events of the past week

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