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May 10th 2020

This Week in Tech 770

The Vanna White Effect

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Zoom Fixes Encryption, Elon Musk and X Æ A-12
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Category: News

Zoom Fixes Encryption, Elon Musk and X Æ A-12

  • Elon Musk names his child X Æ A-12: here's how to pronounce it
  • Zoom buys Keybase to fix encryption
  • Google Meet, Facebook Rooms, and Microsoft Teams desperately try to catch up with Zoom
  • Zoom is much more secure now but how did it win the video calling race, to begin with?
  • Leo won't give up on jitsi even though it sounds like a mold
  • Rich DeMuro says Zoom is like slime
  • Teslas now stop automatically at red lights (and green)
  • Google abandons its plans for a data-driven community in Toronto
  • Is Amazon handling the coronavirus crisis well?
  • Tim Bray quits Amazon in dismay over whistleblower firings
  • Australia wants Google to stop showing news snippets
  • Do ISPs need bandwidth caps? Is everybody working from home hogging all the bandwidth?
  • New 13-inch MacBook Pro heralds the end of butterfly keys
  • Microsoft 10X will come to single-screen devices in 2021
  • Pixel Buds vs Surface Earbuds vs AirPods
  • Boston Dynamics Spot robot patrolling Singapore parks to enforce social distancing
  • BBC releases Zoom backgrounds
  • A hazmat-inspired suit lets you party, drink, and vape in safety

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