This Week in Tech

Apr 26th 2020

This Week in Tech 768

Steer Into the Skid

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Contact Tracing, Synthetic Biology
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Category: News

Contact Tracing, Synthetic Biology

  •  Ask a futurist: how do we get from now to the Covid-19 free future? Steer into the slide.
  •  The future of synthetic biology is sticking viruses into our systems as medication
  •  Apple-Google contact tracing vs Palantir: who do you trust?
  •  France bans Amazon from selling non-essential items: should America follow? Should Amazon be doing more with automation?
  •  The best videoconferencing etiquette
  •  Why are people tearing down 5g towers to fight coronavirus?
  •  What new businesses are going to be born out of the Covid-19 crisis? Automation, synthetic biology, and delivery get a VC boost
  •  AI development and Big Tech data gathering is leading us down a dystopian superhighway
  •  Is CES gone for good? How long can movie theaters stay closed?
  •  Salute to the real heroes - the IT people keeping us all connected in this crisis
  •  Distance learning: what is working, what isn't, and what is the future of education?
  •  How did Microsoft fumble Cortana? The same way they fumbled Windows Phone
  •  Apple hopes to put its own chips in macs
  •  Google says AI can design a chip in 6 hours
  •  The next world war will be fought in cyberspace
  •  Kim Jong Un: Dead or alive? Will North Korea be the next manufacturing hotspot or a radioactive crater?

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