This Week in Tech

Apr 12th 2020

This Week in Tech 766

Zoom, But Use Protection

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Apple+Google Covid tracking app, 5G towers burning, Zoom tips

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Category: News

Apple+Google COVID tracking app, 5G towers burning, Zoom tips

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  •  5G towers are being burned in England and the Netherlands to stop coronavirus. We have officially hit maximum techno panic.
  •  Apple and Google are building a coronavirus phone tracking app. Do you want a cyberpunk dystopia? Because this is how you get a cyberpunk dystopia!
  •  Zoom is the best option for group video chat, but only if you use it right, and only if you don't need perfect privacy.
  •  We show all the free TV shows you can watch online.
  •  What we are doing in quarantine: soap making, Half-Life Alyx, Castlevania, start your own video channel
  •  Smart toilet recognizes your butt and scans your poop for diseases
  •  Jack Dorsey donates $1 billion to Coronavirus research, with full transparency
  •  Apple displays COVID testing locations and launches Today at Apple at Home
  •  Why Apple stopped charging Amazon Prime Video the 30% "Apple Tax"
  •  Amazon workers are terrified to go to work, but at least they have a job
  •  Travelex paid 285 bitcoin to ransomware hackers - watch out for COVID Phishing
  •  Quibi has 300 Million installs in its first week, while Tik Tok crosses 1 Billion
  •  Distance learning: school attendance is at 50%
  •  Passover Seder on Zoom
  •  Leo is back on Facebook
  •  John Conway, creator of Conway's Game of Life has passed due to coronavirus

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