This Week in Tech

Mar 8th 2020

This Week in Tech 761

The Esperanto of Time

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Coronavirus Hits Big Tech, What to Do While You Are Quarantined
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Category: News
  •  Coronavirus Craziness: The Pope is OK, SXSW canceled, contractors can't get n95 masks, Chinese carmakers shut down
  •  The response to Coronavirus - big tech sends workers home, but restaurant workers have to keep the slinging hash
  •  Woz is NOT Patient Zero
  •  Countries respond to Coronavirus: stay on that cruise ship, China forces people to quarantine, US doubles down on the Patriot Act, Italy shuts down Lombardi
  •  Stock up on Soylent for your Coronavirus quarantine needs
  •  Apple rejects coronavirus apps
  •  Chinese students review bomb homework app
  •  Paris has awesome hobbies
  •  Apple forces workers to come to the Spaceship and retail stores, other tech giants send workers home
  •  March Madness without fans? Are we projecting the zombie apocalypse onto Coronavirus?
  •  Review: Thermomix TM6
  •  Baby Yoda toys killed by Coronavirus
  •  What to watch while you're quarantined
  •  Video games to play while you're quarantined
  •  Is it canceled? How to find out
  •  Warren drops out - which old white male candidate will die from Coronavirus?
  •  Brianna Wu gets hacked - she explains how to avoid her mistakes
  •  How to use nation-state level hacks yourself
  •  How the CIA used CryptoAG to spy on the world
  •  Apple allows ads in push notifications - watch this week's iOS Today to see how to turn them off!
  •  YouTube is recommending fewer conspiracy videos
  •  Nerf or nothing!
  •  Streaming drives the music industry to its greatest year ever
  •  Democratic Socialism Simulator vs Female Politician Simulator
  •  Nintendo Playstation prototype sells for $360,000
  •  Daylight Saving kills! Switch to UTC instead!
  •  SETI@Home shuts down, and bitcoin mining is destroying the world - switch to folding proteins for a Coronavirus cure

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