This Week in Tech

Feb 23rd 2020

This Week in Tech 759

Never Gonna Give You Up

Hosted by Leo Laporte

COVID-19 Tech Fallout, Star Trek Deepfake

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Category: News

This Week's Stories:

  •  COVID-19 coronavirus causing tech conference chaos
  •  Should Apple investors be worried about COVID-19?
  •  Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - does it live up to the hype?
  •  COVID-19 coronavirus will crash the tech economy for a while
  •  Apple iPhone 9 / SE 2 likely for March launch
  •  Samsung Galaxy Z Flip factory closed due to COVID-19
  •  Target leaks inventory listings for 'AirPods X Generation,' 'Apple TV Gen X' and ‘Apple Watch Series X’ bands, and ‘Apple iPod Touch X Generation'
  •  Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk in Star Trek, Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr in Back to the Future - deepfakes are getting better
  •  EU kills the Lightning port - USB-C is now the law of the land
  •  Apple considers letting users set 3rd-party apps as default
  •  Apple tries to- ban German book about App Store; book hits #2 on the bestseller list. Get the book at 
  •  Trump urges Supreme Court to side with Oracle over Google
  •  Bezos to give $10 Billion to fight climate change
  •  Twitter bans 70 pro-Bloomberg accounts for "platform manipulation"
  •  Trump ads will take over YouTube on Election Day
  •  New ransomware scheme - hackers will make Google ban your ads
  •  Fortnite streamers demonetized over Rickroll emotes
  •  Larry Tesler, the man who invented cut, copy, and paste, dies at 74
  •  Bert Sutherland, who helped develop the ARPANET, dies at 83
  •  Adobe Photoshop turns 30
  •  $400 Hot Wheels RC Tesla Cybertruck
  •  Get Dan's novel The Bayern Agenda at
  •  Register for LastPass's RSA After Hours in San Francisco!

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