This Week in Tech

Feb 2nd 2020

This Week in Tech 756

Don't Doubt ur Vibe

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Is Big Tech Too Big? Folding phones, Elon Musk, and 62 new emoji

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Category: News

This Week's Stories:

  •  Apple hits 1.5B users, Facebook hits 2.5B, Amazon hits $1 Trillion - is Big Tech too big?
  •  Russia vs Apple: new Russian law will force Apple to install Kremlin-friendly apps
  •  Coronavirus shuts down Apple and Google in China
  •  EU passes common charger resolution - say goodbye to your lightning jack
  •  Amazon wants you to know that they pay a lot of taxes and employ a lot of people
  •  10 years later, the iPad is the only successful tablet
  •  Split-screen or folding screen? Is this a form factor we need?
  •  Apple TV+ hasn't quite hit it yet
  •  FCC admits that wireless carriers violated federal law selling your location data
  •  Facebook's 'Off Facebook activity tool' doesn't really do anything
  •  Facebook's new Oversight Board will surely fix everything
  •  Avast anti-virus sold your data to everybody
  •  Does tracking really make ads better?
  •  He sings! He dances! He sends you the internet from space!
  •  Cal Tech gets 1.1 billion from Apple and Broadcom in a patent case
  •  Every smart device will die. Sonos sooner than others.
  •  IBM CEO Virginia Rometty retires
  •  California halts .org sale
  •  62 new emoji are here!
  •  Hummer is back and electric

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