This Week in Tech

Jan 19th 2020

This Week in Tech 754

I Dream of Wiki

Hosted by Leo Laporte
FBI vs Apple, Google vs Cookies, Biden vs CDA 230
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Category: News

This Week's Stories:

  •  Mojo Vision: Augmented Reality contact lenses
  •  The face recognition company that will end privacy
  •  FBI vs Apple 2: Pensacola Boogaloo
  •  NOBUS: why the NSA's "NObody But US" theory of exploits fail
  •  Cable Haunt: critical vulnerability in many cable modems
  •  Apple and Google are cracking down on location privacy, and ad tech companies are unhappy
  •  Don't worry about your kids' phone use so much
  •  Google will kill 3rd-party cookies by 2022
  •  Verizon's "private" search engine
  •  The EU is not asking Apple to kill the lightning plug
  •  Our secret shame: the box of cords in our garage
  •  Digital hoarding: iTunes vs Gmail
  •  Amazon wants you to pay with a wave of your hand
  •  Sim swapping attacks: hacking customer service
  •  Joe Biden wants to repeal Section 230. This is dangerous.
  •  Sonos, Tile, and Pop Sockets testify against Google, Apple, and Amazon in Congress

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