This Week in Tech

Jan 5th 2020

This Week in Tech 752

More Seam than Bezel

Hosted by Leo Laporte

CES Preview, 2020's New Tech Laws

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Category: News

This Week's Stories:

  •  CES Preview: what to expect at the 2020 show
  •  Segway's new Wall-E pod chair
  •  8k TVs take over CES - what about bandwidth caps?
  •  3D is back at CES - get ready for Star Wars holograms
  •  Fresh Cambridge Analytica leak: 68 countries targeted
  •  5G in 2020: hype or happening?
  •  How to fix California' gig worker law
  •  California Consumer Privacy Act hits January 1
  •  Wyze Camera breach response: quick and decisive
  •  1924 belongs to us all now
  •  TRACED Act passes, robocallers put on notice
  •  Hofeller Files break gerrymandering plot wide open
  •  IRS forces Turbo Tax to show free filing product
  •  Fake Twitter accounts spew thousands of pro-Iran propaganda tweets
  •  Australian fires: horrific images online
  •  Google will stop swindling the US on taxes
  •  Google’s Head of International Relations left because Google started to be evil
  •  Samsung Galaxy S20 arriving February 11th
  •  Sonos bricking old speakers
  •  Fry's is in big trouble
  •  Y2K bug strikes again: NYC parking meters break in 2020, 11-19
  •  #TeamTrees gets $20M
  •  YouTube's #1 star turned 8 in 2019
  •  EU: AI cannot patent inventions

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