This Week in Tech

Dec 8th 2019

This Week in Tech 748


Hosted by Leo Laporte
Mac Pro, Google's End of an Era, the Future of War
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Category: News

Stories this Week

  •  Mac Pro is only for Pros
  •  Apple's pivot to services plays on our trust of Apple
  •  How amoral should companies be?
  •  Silicon Valley Finale
  •  Larry and Sergei ride off into the sunset - what happens next?
  •  How worried should companies be about government regulation?
  •  Why we're watching Watchmen
  •  Amazon comes to New York, without tax benefits
  •  Stadiums as a metaphor for tech
  •  Amazon's re:Invent is all about AI
  •  Huawei makes "America-free" Phones
  •  What is the future of war?
  •  Is 5G going to be like LTE or WiMAX?
  •  Intel admits failure
  •  Reddit bans Russian sock puppets
  •  Elon dodges pedo bullet
  •  Magic Leap is the most amazing, important, incredible failure ever 

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