This Week in Tech

Oct 6th 2019

This Week in Tech 739

Bob Ross with Biceps

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Surface Duo, Deep Fusion, WeWork's failed IPO...
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Category: News

This week's stories

  •  Microsoft surprises us all with the two-screen Surface Duo phone
  •  Apple's Deep Fusion poised to trump Google's Pixel 4 announcement
  •  More than 500 ransomware attacks on US schools so far in 2019
  •  More red flags than a Chinese parade: WeWork's failed IPO
  •  Apple loves freedom - except in China
  •  US, UK, and Australian governments vs encryption
  •  Lexy Savvides's Memoji secrets
  •  Tim Cook can woo Trump all he wants, but Apple still has to pay 25% tariffs
  •  CNET folds the Samsung Galaxy Fold until it breaks
  •  Why did Windows Phone fail? Iain Thomson: "It was a thousand cuts of stupidity."
  •  Microsoft's new Surface line is aimed straight at Apple
  •  Will there be an October Apple event? All signs point to yes.
  •  Google Seattle makes a literal product graveyard
  •  Levis' Jacquard jean jackets
  •  PayPal backs out of Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency
  •  Facebook vs Elizabeth Warren
  •  Facebook says it's ok for political ads to lie
  •  Twitter says it's ok for Trump to advocate civil war
  •  Should Zuckerberg step down? Would that change anything?
  •  Elon Musk's new Starship and its competition
  •  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is concerned about Tesla's Smart Summon feature
  •  Hundreds of millions of "Words with Friends" accounts hacked
  •  Japan turns off pagers after 50 years of honorable service

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