This Week in Tech

Sep 22nd 2019

This Week in Tech 737

You Could See The "Screw It" in His Eyes

Hosted by Leo Laporte
iPhone 11, Area 51, Quantum Supremacy
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Category: News

This Week's Stories:

  •  TWO AND A HALF DOZEN people invade Area 51
  •  iPhone 11 vs iPhone 7: is it worth the upgrade?
  •  Apple Arcade is the best 5 bucks a month you can spend on games
  •  Apple Watch 5 is the best computer you can wear on your wrist.
  •  Taking cat pictures in the dark with iPhone 11 - which phone takes the best picture? How about video?
  •  How many monthly fees to Apple are too many?
  •  Apple wins its 2nd Emmy before Apple TV+ even comes out.
  •  Who owns How about
  •  Apple changes the update cycle
  •  RIP 3D Touch. We won't miss you.
  •  Apple's ultrawideband U1 Chip: what does it do?
  •  iPhone 11 teardown
  •  What to expect from Google's big October event
  •  What to expect from Microsoft's big October event
  •  Has Google achieved quantum supremacy?
  •  How many bitcoin are lost forever?
  •  When Zuck met Trump
  •  Facebook creates Oversight Board: here's how it will work
  •  Facebook Portal wants to watch you watch TV
  •  Richard Stallman out at MIT and Free Software Foundation
  •  Edward Snowden still wants to come home

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