This Week in Tech

Aug 18th 2019

This Week in Tech 732

Why is My Fridge Playing ICP?

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Amazon's Twitter Woes, iPhone 11, Defeat Face Recognition, and More!
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Category: News
  • Amazon's paid tweeters program backfires
  • Telus email out for the past 4 days
  • $3 Million Fortnite winner SWATted
  • How Gamergate launched a culture war
  • Esports is officially mainstream - how to get an esports scholarship to college
  • Verizon sells Tumblr for about 2% of what Yahoo bought it for 6 years ago
  • iPhone 11 coming September 10 - how private will it be?
  • Apple sues Corellium for virtualization service
  • Google's challenging past 3 years
  • Google forces Nest to leave recording lights on
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max?
  • Pixel 3a's faux 20x zoom
  • Rival search engines drop out of Google's search engine ballot auction
  • Amazon's Rekognition face recognition system can't tell the difference between congressmen and criminals
  • "NULL" vanity plate garners man $12,000+ in parking violations
  • 3 simple ways to defeat face recognition
  • Update your Windows 10 system NOW. Seriously.
  • New Bluetooth KNOB attack
  • Huawei gets a break
  • Georgia required to use paper ballots
  • FTC willing to break up big tech
  • IKEA gets serious about smart tech
  • Disney after account sharers
  • Don't use Kaspersky anti-virus
  • Tesla owner implants her key in her arm
  • Apple shuts down 3rd-party WebKit anti-tracking abusers

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