This Week in Tech

Jul 14th 2019

This Week in Tech 727

Artisanal Pickles from Williamsburg

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Palantir, Facebook Fines, Prime Day, and more...
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Category: News

Top Stories This Week

  • Facebook fined $5 billion, the stock goes up $6 billion
  • The dark side of Facebook's pivot to privacy
  • Trump vs anti-conservative bias on social media
  • Instagram vs bullies
  • Prime Day deals and dilemmas
  • Amazon is building a robot to judge your couch
  • Palantir cameras are watching you, and police are using them
  • Your car is watching you
  • Area 51 attack plan involves furries, Naruto runners
  • RIP MacBook
  • Mac update kills Zoom hack
  • Apple Watch Walkie Talkie hack
  • Hong Kong protestors use Apple AirDrop to bust the Great Firewall of China
  • Apple tossing $millions/episode at Apple TV
  • Stranger Things AR ad in the New York Times
  • Amazon Lord of the Rings MMO
  • Netflix Cuphead Show
  • Prime Day phishing scams
  • HBO Max get Friends, Riverdale, Dune
  • France's Tech Tax
  • Niantic kills its first app
  • Google's new hyper-local social network Shoelace is being created just to be shut down
  • Google's privacy policy changes are a testament to internet history
  • Google is listening to you in Flanders
  • Twitter will test "Hide Replies" in Canada
  • A eulogy for the father of the password
  • Chatterbox will teach children robotics

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