This Week in Tech

Jul 7th 2019

This Week in Tech 726

Be My Dream Daddy

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Amazon's 25th anniversary, Apple's FaceTime eye correction, and Fortnite's new crossover event.
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Category: News

This Week's Stories

  •  HQ Trivia Lays off Staff, Pivots to HQ Words
  •  Fortnite is an Advertising Machine
  •  The Fragmented Nature of Gaming: Fortnite vs CoD BLOPS vs Dream Daddy
  •  Gaming's Streaming Future Might Make Microsoft and Sony Buddies
  •  Apple TV Focuses on Quality Over Quantity (Except When It Comes to the Remote)
  •  MacBook Keyboard Might No Longer Be Crap Soon
  •  Facetime Will Force You to Make Eye Contact via AR Magic
  •  Can Apple Design Without Jony Ive?
  •  Amazon: 25 Years of the Commodification of Our Existence
  •  Soon Your Car Will Tell You Where the Nearest Parking Spot Is
  •  Facebook's Libra Cryptocurrency Hits a Congress-Sized Speed Bump
  •  Amazon Wants to Launch 3,000 Internet Satellites
  •  Facebook Image Tags Revealed in Outage
  •  Superhuman Email is (No Longer) Spying on You
  •  Chinese Border Patrol Installing Malware on Visitors' Phones

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