This Week in Tech

May 19th 2019

This Week in Tech 719

I Am Gozor, the Lunchmaster!

Hosted by Leo Laporte
US vs Huawei, SF vs Facial Recognition, Fake Joe Rogan
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Category: News

This Week's Stories

  •  The US vs Huawei
  •  San Francisco Bans Facial Recognition
  •  Chinese Owners Must Sell Grindr
  •  FCC: Carriers Should Block Robocalls
  •  Do You Know if Your iPhone has Been Hacked?
  •  Big Tech's Problems Are Sociological, Not Psychological - Just Like Game of Thrones
  •  Silicon Valley Millionaires: Silicon Valley is Bad
  •  Get Off My Lawn! Is Tech Still Great?
  •  Fake Joe Rogan
  •  Is Medium Killing Blogs?
  •  Hit By Ransomware? Just Pay the Ransom
  •  ZombieLoad Fix Could Slow down Computers 40%
  •  Hacking School Lunch
  •  Google Knows What You Buy
  •  RIP Grumpy Cat

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