This Week in Tech

Apr 21st 2019

This Week in Tech 715

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Hosted by Leo Laporte
Galaxy Fold Fail, Qualcomm Crushes Apple, Guess Who Hates Hates Facebook Now, and more.
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Category: News

Top Stories This Week:

  •  Samsung's Folding Phone Fail
  •  Apple vs Qualcomm: It's Over! Qualcomm wins!
  •  What Is Intel's Future After Apple?
  •  iMac Pro vs MacBook Pro: Which One Wins?
  •  iOS 13 Has Everything You Want, But Not the One Thing You Need
  •  Brexit, Muller, and US Voting Machines: What's the Connection?
  •  Ransomware Attacks: Is This an Act of War?
  •  The Mental Health App that Secretly Shares Your Data
  •  MalwareTech (Marcus Hutchins) Pleads Guilty
  •  Facebook's Bad Day Week 15 Months
  •  Summit Learning: Everything You Hate About Facebook, Now in the Classroom!
  •  Apple Shuts Down Texture, Android Users S.O.L.
  •  The Browser Ballot Part II: Electric Boogaloo
  •  YouTube: Notre Dame was Terrorism
  •  Sri Lanka vs Social Media, India vs Tik Tok, the UK vs Porn
  •  Utah Bans Warrantless Phone Searches
  •  Google and Amazon Make Nice
  •  Assassin's Creed Helps Fix Notre Dame
  •  Playstation 5 Revealed!
  •  TWiT's Official Super Smash Bros Ultimate Level

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