This Week in Tech

Mar 31st 2019

This Week in Tech 712

Cultured Hill Folk

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Apple’s celebrity event, Gig Economy IPOs, Fake invoicing for profit, and more.
Records live every Sunday at 5:15pm Eastern / 2:15pm Pacific / 22:15 UTC.
Category: News
  •  Apple's Celebrity Event
  •  Apple and Fashion
  •  Apple Credit Card
  •  Apple News+
  •  Airpower is dead
  •  Lyft IPO
  •  Gig Economy and IPOs
  •  Apple's Persistent Butterfly Keyboard Problem
  •  Hacker Dupes FB and Google Out of $122 Million
  •  Jeff Bezos and the Saudis
  •  ASUS Security Flaw
  •  Vulnerabilities in Supply-Chains
  •  New Regulations in the EU
  •  Elizabeth Warren and the Right to Repair
  •  Facebook and Live
  •  Huawei's Revenue
  •  FTC Fines Robocall Companies
  •  Swatter Gets 20 Years

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