This Week in Tech

Mar 3rd 2019

This Week in Tech 708

Outrage Moms

Hosted by Leo Laporte
The end of smart-phones, AI fake people, Elon in the ditch again, and more.
Records live every Sunday at 5:15pm Eastern / 2:15pm Pacific / 21:15 UTC.
Guests: Amy Webb, Brianna Wu
Category: News
  • MWC 2019 and the Future of Smartphones and Wearables
  • This Person Does Not Exist
  • OpenAI and the Text Generator Too Dangerous to Exist
  • Outrage Mobs and Twitter
  • China's Social Credit System Could Take Over the World
  • Google and Saudia Arabia's Woman Tracking App
  • Silicon Valley and the US Military
  • Do We Even Need Facebook?
  • Make Elon Musk Stop Tweeting!!!
  • TikTok fined $5.7 Million
  • Tenn Hacker gets $1 Million in Bug Bounties

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